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I can't say I really noticed which scenes were deleted or not, I suppose that's the dream to have edits be unnoticeable. That being said, I was able to recognize which scenes were used from ASM2.
When I initially watched The Amazing Spider-Man, I thought the stuff with the parents were dumb, I don't need to know about Peter's parents. But by the end, seeing that storyline presented in this fashion, I didn't mind it so much.
For what it's worth, I generally found myself enjoying this more than when I last watched the vanilla movie, though I can't definitively say whether that's because of the edit, or just because I've had more time to think about it. In any case, there's really no reason to not watch thus edit if you're going to watch the movie anyways, it's either on oar with or better than the original, and it's a bit more satisfying.

I don't know, I suck at reviews. Can't wait to watch your Amazing Spider-Man 2 Untold edit, I suspect that I'm going to absolutely love it.
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