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Fanedit summary: This fanedit takes the Parker parents subplot from the second film and completes it here, making the second film a bit less overstuffed, and strengthening the themes in this film.

The Film: Marc Webb directs this version of Spider-man for the Twilight crowd, rehashing the origin story and putting an increased emphasis on the Gwen Stacy relationship.It’s a teenage romance film and an obvious influence on the new MCU films as well, capturing the John Hughes-esque high school environment. Andrew Garfield and Gwen Stacy have the right chemistry as two teenagers and frequently boon the movie during these sequences. In fact, I tended to enjoy Andrew Garfield as sensitive outcast Peter Parker far more this time around.

It’s a very different film from the Raimi versions, yet there’s still some similarities, particularly in the choice of villain, Dr. Curt Conners as The Lizard, is almost like Doctor Octopus, a tragic monster like entity and a classic animalistic Spider-man villain. Thankfully many of the added scenes of Curt add even more tragedy to Curt’s situation, Curt at one point begs Parker for his help, and strengthens the bond to Parker history.

Speaking of the Parker family, the Parker parents subplot is brought front and center, starting with a prologue focusing on the Parker parents and the events leading up to their death, including an airplane fight setpiece. It’s an exciting way to begin the story with an element of mystery and tension. It also brings the emotional pain of Peter’s lost past and parental figures front and center which is a wonderful change since so much of this film has to do with his overcoming grief of his parents and eventually his uncle Ben..

The only time this doesn’t work is putting the train subplot scene sequence after the climax. The post climax of the film is about 20 minutes, almost like an epilogue to the film. Usually in film, after a climax it’s best to wrap up things quickly. While it’s nice to tie out all of the emotional elements and thematic elements, it feels misplaced. Having said that, I actually don’t know a better place to put it without messing up the flow of the rest of the film.

Some other elements, I really like the way Spider-man moves in this film, it’s far more acrobatic, and fluid. I’m a sucker for the enemy of the state storyline and Dennis Leary’s George Stacy remains a highlight in the film. Aunt May and Uncle Ben are great, but the skirting around the “Great Power, Great Responsibility” line bugs me.

The Fanedit:
Mostly seamless. Love the color grading to make the film’s colors pop more. Spider-man to me was always meant to be a bright superhero, so it really upset me when they took the darker scheme in this one.

Particularly well executed with the emphasis on story weaving the parents sub-plot into the first film. It does strengthen this film thematically and makes this a go-to version of the first film.

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