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I was not a fan of Mark Webbs TASM movies. They felt over bloated or were missing scenes that would explain the "untold story" that he was trying to tell. This cut near perfectly brings that "untold story" aspect back in by brining those scenes from TASM 2 and putting them into TASM 1. Sure it makes it almost 3 hours but Peter's father plot line is concluded and for the most part is built up much better than being put into the sequel to poorly wrap it up. Not to mention the added deleted scenes really help fix a few continuity errors not to mention flesh out Dr. Connors so much better to be more sympathetically than just him losing his arm. Only subtitle issue I have is I feel some of the TASM2 scenes where Peter is in his room setting up the diagram to find the truth should be maybe put after we see all of Peters room from the first film. That way his room does not feel like its jumping from style. Unless this is a separate room he is doing this all in like a guest room. Otherwise, everything was cut perfectly and well done.

If you do want a great sequel to this, look up TASM2 Spark of Life fanedit by Bobson Dugnutt.

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