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Completely fine, nothing wrong that I noticed

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Also good, does the job, nothing wrong except for some sudden musical changes

The movie is cut down to the basic spiderman story layout, this movie is just his origins, Gwen Stacy, and his first enemy, the movie is pretty much just a faithful-as-possible-to-the-comics edition. The edit was fun, fast, and interesting. The deleted scenes added nothing to the movie in order to make it better story wise but they were fun. Spiderman is not supposed to be the most serious story-focused franchise (after all, it's called "spiderman" what the hell do you expect?) and this edit removed the parts that tried to be more serious when it came to character development but didn't really help the story at all (looking at Harry hunting down ben's killer).

A fun, focused version of 'The Amazing Spiderman' does what it should, I wish samspider3 did more work in order to make the villain more interesting but he still unfortunately falls extremely flat and you don't really care for him (not to mention that the CGI for his lizard form isn't done very well). Don't expect many changes to the movie, if you already like the movie, you should enjoy this even more, if you are not a big fan of the original film, you won't care that much.

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