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With this edit, samspider3 has done a big favour to those who enjoyed TAS by reintegrating some deleted scenes that are key to the development of Peter and Dr Connors' respective characters, and by removing some of the cheesy dialogue. While the video quality of the deleted scenes is noticeably inferior to that of the rest of the movie, their addition still makes this edit narratively superior to the theatrical edit.

I found this edit to also be aesthetically superior to the theatrical edit because of the colour correction that resulted in a brighter image. The blue on Spider-Man's costume popped in an especially pleasant way.
Also, it was excellent to have the full POV sequence back in the movie. That trailer is one of the main reasons I got really excited to see this movie.

samspider3 heavily reduced the eye-rolling factor of this Spider-flick by removing some terrible dialogue and a couple of cheesy moments. I agree with all of the cuts made, except for the cuts that showed Peter was looking for his uncle's killer. I really liked that angle in the original, because it's the reaction I'd expect from a 16-year old boy in his position. Plus, it appropriately makes the dinner scene at the Stacy's a huge moment of self-actualization for Peter when Cpt Stacy (unknowingly) calls him out for naively going after small-time criminals that all fit the same profile. It was after this dinner, that Peter truly becomes Spider-Man (the way he said 'Spider-Man' to the man on the bridge was so great for signifying this) and started to actually care about protecting innocent civilians rather than just trying to punish those who were doing something wrong.

There are also still a few other things I'd have removed, like the basketball scene. I would have cut it at the point in the scene where Peter sees Flash bullying the girl and Peter decides to step in. Then the next scene goes directly to him talking to Uncle Ben about how he doesn't have to pay for the backboard, leaving the entire interaction with Flash up to the audience's imagination. I'd also have removed the scene at the end of the movie when Peter walks into class late and has an exchange with his teacher that makes Gwen smile. It was such a corny moment and completely downplayed the previous couple of scenes of Peter promising not to see Gwen anymore, and Gwen visiting Peter at his house after Cpt Stacy's funeral.
And, a small thing, from the scene of the first time Peter uses his webshooter to swing (when he does a handstand on the building and falls), I'd have removed the shot of him landing because it's silly to me that no one would see him land in a cafe in the middle of the day.

Overall, this is a good edit that's, in my opinion, better than the theatrical edit.

Thank you very much samspider3.

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