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FanFix February 26, 2023 1807
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This is a huge step up in quality from part 1. It's really impressive how much work was put into this, especially with the rescoring! It felt like almost every scene was rescored.

Biggest positives of this movie for me are more focus on Harry and less on Max. Though Max's motivations are more unclear, cutting most of his cartoonishness is a big improvement, and his creepiness works perfectly. The deleted scenes flesh out Harry more and build to a much better payoff at the end. With a lot of the fluff cut out of the movie Peter and Gwen's relationship is able to breathe better which makes the ending payoff much more tragic. The ending scene with his dad is great too, I had never seen it before.

Most of the deleted scenes are much higher quality than the ones in part 1. Some of them were noticeable but not distracting. Because of the audio changes across the whole movie you will notice sometimes when the sound effects don't quite match, but you won't notice most of the time unless you are looking for it.

Only negatives would be my personal opinion on some of the added song choices. I don't think all of them matched too well, especially the Lord of the Rings song at the end with his dad.

Just one more commendation for the audio work. While it's not perfect I'm not sure I've ever seen such extensive audio reworking on a fan edit before. Amazing feat!

Fantastic edit of this movie!
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