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So my wife and I watched Amazing Spider-Man Part 1 (based on the first movie) a couple of nights ago, and this last night, we watched Part 2....

From the opening scenes, I was INSTANTLY drawn into this movie. The further it went, the more I enjoyed it... so much so, that I liked it even better than Part 1.

I originally picked up the DVDs for both movies close to release date years back, watched them once, was not really drawn into them, attempted to watch them a second time and gave up... they did nothing for me. I would have gladly ignored them if it weren't for the fabulous "No Way Home" and Garfield's appearance in that movie. I suddenly had reason to go back and re-watch these two movies, but I kept putting it off... the movies were simply *meh* in my mind... and then I read reviews for Lantern51's fanedit and it convinced me to give THESE versions a shot...

The first movie is much improved because Peter Parker is improved. He's much more likeable. It's now watchable. But Part 2 is FANTASTIC. No, really, this is a GOOD movie. If you're like me, the 2nd movie was totally forgettable in its original form. Now, every piece of this film is meaningful, dramatic, exciting, or plot-relevant.

You may still walk away from this film preferring the 3 Raimi movies or the latest Tom Holland movies, but what Lantern51 has done here is produce a perfectly enjoyable 2-part Spider-man film entry that you will WANT to re-watch from time to time, ESPECIALLY in a run-up to a re-watch of "No Way Home."

One of the most important aspects of a "good film" is the concentration on the key characters. This fanedit brings the focus where it belongs, and that is PRIMARILY on Peter Parker and Gwen's relationship. Every time they are on screen together, the chemistry works. Of the two films, Part 2 is DEFINITELY my favorite.

There's no point in nit-picking this fanedit because what Lantern51 has produced is so far above and beyond what was released theatrically, you will never want to go back to the original, unless it's to remember how bad it really was.

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