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The Amazing Spider-Man Series are films that I’ve admittedly seen more than I’d like, so it’s hard figuring out how to get more mileage out of such worn out ground. Fortunately, I’d say lantern51’s Part 1 is a step in the right direction.

I’ll start by saying that the MVP of this edit is the audio/use of new songs.New music playing when Peter is at the Oscorp internship, him refining his approach to crime-fighting, or during the car thief scene really help to add energy & lightness into the movie.

I also appreciate some cuts made, like removing Peter skateboarding after he & Gwen get together (I guess?) & jumping to the ceiling of the train, very logical cuts that keep the pace going & don’t shatter suspension of disbelief.

That said, the pacing still needs work & music can only do so much. While I love the track when Peter is refining his approach to crime-fighting, it is interrupted by Captain Stacey talking about wanting to bring him in, only to then cut back to Peter deciding to make his suit. I’d much rather prefer the Captain Stacey scene removed, then we get an uninterrupted montage of Peter practicing his skills & making his suit.

Also, I’m still not a big fan of scene where Gwen treats Peter’s Lizard wounds. I love the new song, but the parts where she starts making out with him mid-cleaning feels too…wish-fullfillmenty for me, & not grounded like the rest of the film wants to be. I do like it when Gwen’s all “easy, Spider-Boy” & comparing Peter to her dad, though, just not the kissing.

Still though, I do appreciate a sad ending, if only for how unconventional it is. Though, I still have a complaint in that regard to the music: if you’re going to use “In the Arms of an Angel,” don’t just relegate it to the funeral itself. It would’ve been great if we heard it when Gwen showd up at Peter’s house afterwards, & then in turn lead us into the end credits punctuated by only the drops of rain.

Like I said though, this edit was a great step in the right direction for TASM edits. I’d love it if someone did an edit of TASM 1 that started in media res, either at the Oscorp Internship or Peter coming to Connor’s house, with flashbacks coming in when appropriate. Until then, I’m excited for lantern51’s Part 2.

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