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2012's The Amazing Spider-Man is actually one of the better Spidey films overall, but despite that one has to admit that it's all over the place. Too much going on at the same time, too many subplots that ultimately amount to nothing, too doubtful a tone. With so much executive meddling that it suffered, it's kind of a miracle it's even this watchable.

So what it needed was some streamlining and some focus, and that is exactly what this edit provides. Doesn't waste any time in filler subplots, instead getting to the core, a very comic-booky story about a relatable hero vs. a pitiable villain. It even fixes the one thing I found off in Andrew Garfield's Spidey portrayal: I found his quips more mean-spirited than playful, and the trims they receive in this cut render it close to how I always pictured our favorite arachnid. And the new ending does indeed pack quite the emotional punch.

If you like the theatrical release, you'll love this cut. If you don't, you will likely find a new appreciation for it in this form. Excelsior!

Now, eagerly awaiting Part 2. And knowing how I feel about the theatrical TASM 2, that is quite a feat!

(Incidentally: if you're a comic book fan there's something that may make you chuckle: the lyrics of the song used for a deleted scene happen to title-drop a certain infamous arc in the comics...)
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