Amazing Spider-Man 2: Ultimate Edition, The

Amazing Spider-Man 2: Ultimate Edition, The
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142 minutes
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148 minutes
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The untold story concludes with Spider-Man's continuing struggles to protect New York City and those he loves.
I love the Amazing Spider-Man 2 but there are a lot of parts where it is very confusing due to the fact that Sony messed with Marc Webb’s vision too much and deleted a lot of scenes. To fix this, I made this Extended Edition.
Special Thanks:
Neglify for previewing my edit before submitting, Reave for reviewing for approval, Samspider3 for his endless support, and dozens of others who helped me out both on and off
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Editing Details:
I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014
Cuts and Additions:
- Added "Cockpit Discovery" deleted scene with Mary Parker's death during the plane crash sequence.
- Added "Flash Forward" deleted scene to the graduation. Flash makes a final appearance, tying it to the first film, and closes out his mini-arc.
- Added "Max's Mother" deleted scene after the electricity goes out at Max's house.
- Added "Missing Each Other" deleted scene after the first Electro fight.
- Added "Peter Visits Harry" deleted scene after Harry calls Peter. I also modified it with scenes from the first film so that now, Harry knows Peter is Spider-Man. This is done to make eveything more personal and get rid of the "Spider-Man + Gwen = PETER IS SPIDER-MAN" realization.
- Peter know only says "I'm going to try" to imply that he's going to try and find a way to help Harry. Cut "(I'm going to try) and find Spider-Man"
- Moved Spider-Man rejecting Harry to after Peter discovers the truth about his parents.
- Added "Oxford Acceptance" deleted scene after Gwen goes to the interview.
- Moved Harry discovering Secret Projects, getting fired, and breaking into Ravencroft to after he gets rejected by Spider-Man (now it all happens after Peter's discovery).
- Added "Is Peter Home?" deleted scene after Harry breaks Electro out.
- Added alternate Goblin transformation.
- Added "Chasing Gwen" deleted scene (minus the unfinished Spidey animation) after Harry's transformation.
- Added "Goblin Kills Menken" deleted scene after co-pilot's "Radio's working, it's not us."
- Added "Felicia Sees Her Boss" deleted scene before the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" scene
- Cut Sinister Six setup from the end. Spider-Man's return and Rhino stays, however any indication that he works for Harry and Gustav Fiers is removed.
Cover art by Masirimso17 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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So this is literally an even more bloated version of TASM2, if you don't already know this, the theatrical version of this movie was heavily criticized for containing too many subplots and for having ridiculous dialog. Even though this movie is hated by many, I still enjoy it and own a blu ray copy of it, I found that the deleted scenes were extremely interesting and that most of them shouldn't have been cut. That being said, a few of these deleted scenes have incomplete special effects (one of them actually being special effects made by the editor that don't fit in) and that would be bothersome for any viewer.

This movie actually becomes much better with some of these deleted scenes integrated, but the movie suffers from other problems that were already there. If you already like TASM2, this should be a treat, if you hate the theatrical release, don't expect much from this.

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