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(Updated: December 22, 2021)
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Compared to the first untold amazing spider-man movie it doesn't live up to that movie and to be quite honest I was okay with the first movie on its own and I preferred and recommend Bobson Dugnutt's version instead but even that movie has the same issues such this one too. But the issue isn't really the faneditor's fault but the movie itself in terms of tone and some of its characters whose role should be reduced or just be removed entirely like electro or that german ravencroft doctor and especially the rhino. But because these Sam Raimi-like, over-the-top characters, and villains with maybe the exception of the green goblin are in half of the movie including most of the important scenes too that it is impossible to do so you take what you get when fixing this movie. I've also the recently watched "spider-man no way home" and this fanedit does go well and should coincide more with that movie...except for electro whose personality has done a 180 in the sequel because Jamie Foxx wants to be Jamie Foxx so you might as well trim off some of his scenes that explain his background story as he is an easy to read character without showing and telling who he is as a person. He is pretty much the same character that Dean Dehane(Green Goblin's Actor) played in chronicle and his role is literally the villains' team muscle very similar to bane in batman & Robin but without personality so basically the only scenes that should be kept are his encounters with spider-man and being bullied at work as his home life and desire for a friend isn't really that relevant because he basically just wants to take spider-man's place by taking his life.

I actually appreciated adding Flash Thompson scene in the movie whose role was yet again greatly underused, I could've done without sequel baiting green goblin's return at the end, and I am still surprised that this and other fan edits didn't add peter's reunion with his dad yet which I thought the fan editor was hinting at in the beginning playing his recordings and it's what Peter Parker deserve after going through so much in the movie plus he is now the only spider-man who doesn't know that "with great power comes great responsibility". This movie didn't seem that much different from the original and I hope there will be more updates to this movie in the future.

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