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In general, I do think this edit is an improvement over the theatrical cut, but unfortunately I don't think it's enough to make this movie work. The characterization of Harry Osborn and Max Dillon is still a mess, and the broad, campy approach to both characters contrasts unfavorably with the naturalistic approach taken in scenes involving Gwen and Peter's romance. I was hoping this would be the edit that would really make me feel the impact of Gwen's death, but I still felt the moment was obfuscated by Harry's poor character work.

To be fair, none of this is the fault of the editor, I just wish more could have been done to remedy it. Additionally, I encountered a few audio abnormalities, including a severe issue where audio completely cut out for a few seconds.

The edit is presented as a 6GB 1080p file with stereo sound. It's adequate, and looks good considering the file size, but is still noticeably compressed. The lack of a surround sound option is also dissappointing, as I don't feel the edit has enough custom audio work to necessitate the downmix.

In short, if you already liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you will probably like this edit, but for detractors, I'm not sure if it goes far enough.
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