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Surprisingly this fan edit is a great companion piece to Masirimso17's fan edit The amazing spider-man: The untold extended edition where it uses all of the footage regarding peter's parents including footage from the amazing spider-man 2 and this one removes those but both make it all feel like a standalone and complete movie without any sequel-baiting or any ongoing subplots though I do share the same sentiment that peter's father should have been in the ending of this fan edit to give this movie a more hopeful and complete ending. One of the biggest and more obvious complaints that I have of this fan edit is the sound quality of the movie where it sometimes fades in and out a few times and even just goes on mute for a few seconds which noticeably happened around the rhino's scene at the beginning of the movie which I just assumed it was intentional at first in order to tone-down or even silence the rhino's over-the-top acting and screaming in the movie which to be fair was very annoying. Does this fan edit make it the best spider-man movie? No, but it's a simple, fun, and more focused movie despite the obvious signs of creative differences between the director who wanted a more grounded superhero drama and the producers who wanted to be the next MCU or another Sam Raimi movie.

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