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An amazing edit, turning an okay film to wonderful!
Bobson trimmed, added, moved around and replaced many scenes and shots, yet the result flows smoothly. I felt that most trims were definitely justified, and that they improved both the narrative and Peter's likeability. I especially appreciated how removing the Shared Universe buildup (Sinister Six stuff, Peter's parents) streamlines the plot, how gently trimming some of Peter's scenes make him less whiny and temper-tantrum-y, but rather more relatable, and how cutting or replacing silly things (tooth gap, ringtone) can improve the general tone of the film.
While most of the film is technically amazing (as generally always with Bobson's edits), there were two technical issues that surprised me. The first is a total audio mute, as dingo mentioned in their review, that takes place at the 57th minute mark (between 57:04-08). I thought I was crazy, but it is really there. I hope it will be quickly corrected.
The second issue is a slightly underwhelming audio transition at 1:12:13 - from really tense to strangely calm. I know it is a result of trimming some Ravencroft scenes, but the result felt a bit odd to me.

All in all - this is a fantastic and impressive edit, and definitely makes this film watchable.

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