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That pretty much sums it up.

After viewing Masirims017's extended cut of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 (which I highly recommend), I was hungry for a superior version of the sequel, arguably the worst Spidey film to date.

I was not disappointed. I do want to say, however, that the film is still far from perfect. If you are looking for a total fix of the film, I doubt such a version exists. But this version of the movie is still just so much better than the theatrical version.

The edits that were made were seamless. There was never a point in the movie where I was like, "That was a sloppy cut." Having seen the theatrical version a couple times, I did notice at some points of the movie that things had happened in the theatrical edition that were not here (ie. the plane scene at the beginning), but everything here was so well constructed. My only gripe is that in the middle of the film we get a lot of Harry Osborn content with no Peter for around twenty minutes. You'd think in another cut we'd get some Spidey action in there, but there was nothing to work with. It was a little jarring for Peter to reappear, but it was still done well. This is not at the fault of the editor, but rather I applaud them for it: they wove the deleted scenes to get Peter back into the story.

No more plane crash. No more "mystery" of the Parker parents. No more Rhino cliffhanger at the end. Instead, Peter gets his suit out and gets back up. A superior ending in my opinion. Love it. There's still the issue of Max/Electro and his motivations, but that's Sony's fault.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! The death of Gwen hit so hard here. There was a lot less to distract from Peter and Gwen's relationship. I usually cry a lot in movies. I didn't cry in the original version of TASM2. Even knowing what was coming, I cried like a baby. The emotions of the film were able to shine in this cut, which created a better story.

As previously stated, this is still far from perfect. But it's definitely the best version of the film. This will be replacing the theatrical cut in my library.

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