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I've always loved Alligator. One of the most fun and funniest Creature Features of the 1980s, that goes way beyond the apparent Jaws ripoff it is. If one pays attention to the hidden details, it is absolutely hilarious. But you'll likely need to watch it several times to catch them.

And this edit is the absolutely best version of the film. Even "elongator'd", it's a pretty short movie and the pacing does not suffer, and we get some new goodies and callbacks. My favorites were the famous attack on the little girl (I usually dislike fake-outs like this in horror movies as they rarely dare to put the child character in actual danger and thus the scenes become predictable, but this works wonders because it gives the viewer some false security that'll be shattered in the swimming pool scene); the bit of David fixing his hair with his fingers which is actually a call back to an earlier conversation in the police station; and Brock hilariously showing off his animal impression, thinking he's being smooth and failing miserably. This guy is pretty much Zapp Brannigan. And he steals the show, I wish there were more scenes featuring him.

It goes without saying that the technical aspects are top-notch as usual in Ed's releases. If you like this movie at all, this is the definitive version. Loads of fun!
Owner's reply April 03, 2022

Thank you so much for this review! It was nice to do work on something easy and fun while also breathing some new life into this hidden gem. Thanks for previewing this!

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