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I was one that never had an issue with the colonists or the revisit to the derelict, so fo me this loses something as a result.; a vital umbilical cord to the original IMO.

The theatrical version was too tonaly distant from ALIEN and in my mind wouyld be a strong 8 in narrative and enjoyment; and the Special Edition fixes some ofthat with those very sequences and becomes a weak 9. Consequently this sits between the two on a solid 9 for both categories since no matter how well assembled, ALIENS (for all its superb action, and plot) is just so dissonant from its parent but reains a sold 9 due to the retention of the other expanded moments. In fact, one has to presume that given what the derleict sequence must have cost to shoot and make in post, that it was Cameraon, and not the studio, who decided to remove that umbilical cord to pace things up, and for me that robbed the movie of one of the few sections that echoed its progenitor which IMHO is ultimately a loss. There were many other ways Cameron could have dropped those few minutes AND retained that echo.

On technicals, there is nothing to gripe about as always with Bobson's edits, so another solid entry. I just dont' know when I get the urge to watch ALIENS again, if my choices actually remain with the two originals for me, however, if you dislike the colony revisit, then this is defo the way to go for sure.

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