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Alien is one of my favourite franchises. It combines two things I really love, sci-fi and horror. Obviously, not all the entries are winners, but it doesn't matter. Prometheus was a big return to this and from the man himself, Ridley Scott. Although a bit devise for the fanbase, I was on the "I loved it" side. I did not care it didn't actually feature any aliens as we know them, I loved it because of the unknown, deep space, intelligent alien species aaand with a touch of "anti-religion" let's say, by having the aforementioned alien species being the creators of humankind. I was just blown away. I couldn't wait for the inevitable sequel to come out! And then it did. And I thought to myself, what the hell happened? Did the director change? Is this a bad spin-off or something? Anyways, my enjoyment factor was like a 4, tops. It was like reliving the Star Wars prequels all over again, with the difference here being that the first entry wasn't a piece of "let's sell toys to the kids" garbage.

I came upon this edit, plus an extended/trimmed edition for Prometheus from another editor, a few days ago. Unlike Prometheus, this had over 30 minutes of new footage! As many movies have proved us in the past, adding, or even removing, this amount of footage can create almost a new film. So I thought to myself, I got to give a try, you never know, And am I glad that I did!!

First of all, for the quick stuff, audio and visual editing was flawless. I didn't notice or "felt" at any point, that a scene was tampered with, edited or removed. So job well done here!!

On the narrative side of things, and obviously the most important part, the 32 minutes of extra footage did wonders for the movie! At last we had character building! At last we had tension, we cared about the people, we cared about the mission, we explored David even more and generally had an experience worthy of the franchise and the great director behind it. My one and only dissapointment, is that, although there were 32 minutes added, none of them expanded the lore of the Engineers. The ONE thing I wanted to know more about, even as an exposition as long as you through me a bone, didn't happen. Obviously it's not Wraith's fault, there just wasn't anything about them in the deleted scenes. Granted, the director said he wants to make Alien 5 or another prequel were he will explore the world of the Engineers, but unfortunately, as of last year, it is said there aren't any plans for that. So I guess the Engineers will remain a mystery..

So, did this edit save the film for me? Well, if you already didn't realise that from my enjoyment factor, it saved it with flying colors!! It was only a David sequel at heart and had Engineers as a sidenote, but at least it had several interesting things to explore through David, good action and generally a worthy entry to the franchise. To be fair, the studio realised their mistake and asked the director to release an official extended cut, but he didn't want to bother with something like this.

I also want to the thank Wraith for responding to my numerous messages, because, silly me, I couldn't find the movie in the zip file and he was very kind and helpfull and also responded very quickly! Ihope he will also make an extended version of Prometheus, I know there are two of them out there, but the quality is really bad, barely DVD.

Thank you Wraith and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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