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This was my first time ever watching alien covenant and after hearing some mixed reviews online I decided to look for a fan edit and found this one. I decided to watch the longer version and I absolutely loved it.

Since I haven't seen the original I really can't compare this fan edit to the theatrical cut but overall I was really happy with it.

The editing was perfect and seamless, I never noticed any issue with it and the story was great.

The only slight gripe that I have is that I found the long version to be a bit too long. That's by no means a fault of the edit, of course the long version is long. And I really love that the fan editor gives his viewers a choice in what they want to watch.

If you're the kind of person who likes to watch the longest, extended version of a movie then definitely check it out. I just found that there were a few scenes that didn't feel like they were completely necessary, that's definitely more of a personal preference thing though. The next time I watch this movie though I'll be watching the shorter cut of this fan edit.

Great edit overall. I absolutely loved my time watching this version of Alien Covenant.

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Owner's reply December 05, 2021

I'm pleased that you enjoyed this so much. Like you, I purchased the Blu Ray to watch an edit ...that was Ghostbusters 3 for me, and I was stunned at the difference. I would urge you to next watch the original, when you have had some time away from this...And then you really will be surprised (knowing the tighter version awaits you).
Thanks for your perspective, it could have been almost 10 min longer had I not trimmed some of the extras. Enjoy your next viewings.

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