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(Updated: July 11, 2021)
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The versions I have watched: Both the short version and the long version, which are "02hr 14min 30sec" and "02hr 34min 30sec" respectively.

Short Review [TLDR] (For both versions):

The work is excellent, very passionate and high quality in editing. The fan editor is very polite and friendly. I thank to them very much for their hard and spectacular work and their wholesome spirit :)

I both enjoyed the shorter and longer versions. I got more inclined to the longer one. (Both versions have an after credits scene that puts excitement and smile to viewers’ faces).

Long Review (For the longer versions):

I did not even know if there were extra scenes of Alien: Covenant. Thanks to the Wraith’s awesome work, I have experienced them in a great way. The placing of the new scenes is brilliant. They are so good, as if made by the studio itself. Both the decision of the scene locations and technical harmony are admirable. I can imagine how hard to do it in this level of quality. Wraith deserves a big kudos.

The new opening credits and the extended opening scene (featuring Wayland and David) are both terrific. They are, combined, so artistic; that I got an overwhelming fangasm, especially when the voice of David is heard saying “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!” in a soft yet passionate tone. It is a truly amazing idea to put this great voice sample here. (And truly amazing performance of the super-actor, Fassbender).

The extended version of the “Wayland-David prologue” is adding so much to the production. David’s explanation of the concerned opera scene could be a foreshadowing (of many future (or past) events about engineers and Wayland, even human civilization itself). Also, at the same time, may be hinting David’s overall attitude towards authority in (cyber-psychological level).

More over like the predecessor movie (Prometheus), this movie (Covenant) does not have straight messages but ideas inside ideas; thesis and anti-thesis melting inside each other. It is not rejecting or promoting; but merging both approaches inside an artistic pot. And through that pot, emotions ooze into our hearts and create feelings, which are different for each of us. Wow, now, IMHO, very interesting if this interpretation makes sense that it resonates with many story elements (like, the black goo) of both movies too; just fascinating (even if this is just illusionary thinking; it is still fascinating that these two movies [through director’s, writers’ and other artists’ creativity] making audience to brainstorm like this).

So thank you again Wraith for finding, adding and technically optimizing this very important extended version of the epic epilogue.

On the other hand, the “crew testing chapter” is also added to the production. It is so long and exciting that as if it is a short movie itself. Even if the outer space scene’s fx are not polished by the studio, its quality is acceptable and not bothering the eyes. The “condition of the outer space fx” even remained me the original alien movies; it looks like fx but still has spirit and contributes to the atmosphere. So, imho, it’s completely ok.

The “crew testing chapter” introduces many of the new characters and their personalities. The Wraith fan edit gives more screen time to the new characters so the audience cares them more. I actually wanted to see them more and learn about them further. The humans are all couples yet friends and actually like and care each other, which is touching (even the single android Walter has a protective-friend, wholesome-coworker, platonic-persona subplot).

The “crew testing chapter” also has a “hint” for one of the last chapters of the movie (about who is who). In the original cut “crew testing chapter” is missing but by adding this to the fan edit, empowers that small hint scene once again.

That hint is: [Spoiler Alert – Spoiler Starts] In the “crew testing chapter”, the new android model Walter has more controlled-emotions so he does not fear or has not “head-pull-back-reflex” during the horrific screen presentations of the testing. Afterwards, in the last moments of the movie, Walter is radio-guiding the last survivors, inside the spaceship Covenant, about the whereabouts of the hostile alien. In a scene, the alien notices a surveillance camera, at the same time, in another location of the ship, Walter approaches to a monitor that is showing the alien is staring to the camera. Suddenly the alien attacks to the camera, at that moment Walter “pulls his head as an emotional reflex”. This very scene and the earlier testing scene tell us, the android in the last scene is not Walter but another one with more uncontrolled emotions. –You may say, “we already know this”, yes but if we think from realism-perspective and mystery-solving-angle, this is a nice touch. [Spoiler Ended].

The “Dr. Shaw (sigh) and David epilogue” is also touching. I really miss Dr. Shaw. That travel and what happened could be explained longer.

And the extraordinary arrival scene. Oh, wow… So theatrical. So powerful. Beyond words. (not the dying scenes but David’s persona and speech are so stage act alike). [Spoiler Starts] David’s motivation could be guessed but wish it was explained more. Could be a whole new long chapter or even a movie by itself. (sigh) But even so, at least we have this extra scene. [Spoiler Ended].

The David’s Laboratory extra scene is also very informative and adds much to the atmosphere and lore of the movie. [Spoiler Starts] Oh, poor Dr. Shaw. [Spoiler Ended].

The last but not the least, the after credits scene is so artistic. Congratulations Wraith, for your creativity and taste of art. It’s such an elegant surprise.

In conclusion, the extra scenes carried the movie to the next level. And the technical quality of scene optimization is so well. The personal artistic touches (like the opening and after credits) of the fan editor are also wholesome. This fan edit of Wrath is a remarkable work with artistic creativity and passion.

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Owner's reply July 15, 2021

Wow, some real food for thought. Thank for sharing your observations.

I had not realized about David's recoil. Thank you for sharing.

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