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It's amazing what the right small edits can do... though the first 20 mins or so of Prometheus are cut (and drops you right into the tone the editor wants), it's the small interpersonal cuts that really make the difference. And then additional and sometimes bold choices have been made to remove unexpected sections to make a totally new feel. It's clear FairFriend had a definite intention and almost completely delivered on it.

The Prometheus section is very strong, just the right amount of silly or extraneous plot/character moments removed. The extra drive and narrative momentum cannot be overstated. The removal of a large amount of the physical Engineer elements succeeds in making them the 'unknowable other', rendering them as more mysterious and arguably more terrifying.

The transition into Covenant is unavoidably jarring, but treated as an intermission point, it is successful. Though the 'coupling up' of the characters was treated with some weight in the original cut, being trimmed here really cuts to the plot and removes a little of the narrative 'mud'. You can't remove all of the characters' DUMBNESS, but this cut does what it can. This is changed from a slasher in space, replete with needless b-character arcs, to a direct, simple(ish) horror tale.

The only narrative downside is that both halves have the same basic first act, so its a matter of 'rinse and repeat'... but this aside, FairFriend has done wonders condensing these 2 ungainly monsters into one interesting and propulsive story, more in keeping with the other Scott xenomorphic endeavour.

**it's heartening to note that FairFriend's HD version of this is 21Gb, which retains a lot of the incredible A/V quality of the source material (especially Prometheus), which can often lost in HD fanedits at lower file sizes. Bravo, FairFriend.

*the A/V score is only dropped from 10 to 9 due to Stereo-only mix. The actual audio quality of what's present is top notch.

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