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I'm not a massive fan of either "Prometheus" or "Covenant". But here they are together running at 2 hours 28 minutes, it feels like a quick ride since you are watching 2 films back to back. Of course some things are gone. The fight scenes with the "giant squid" alien and the Engineer are gone and we assume the Engineer is therefore dead on collision. Of course this too means that the proto-xenomorph is gone, but that's fine as it's forgotten and never brought up again after "Prometheus".

"Covenant" felt really brief, but for me that was a positive as it's never been a favourite of mine, however, this edit has made me slightly appreciate it more. I generally thought that the fight/horror scenes inside David's "masturbation cave" were quickly sped up, which I think it needed for the suspense and pace. The whole xenomorph fight aboard the Covenant is gone and personally I'm quite glad it's gone as it never did feel right in "Covenant", as it's a different film and there was never any need to retread old ground.

So my conclusion is that I'm overall impressed. The visual cutting and audio work well together and I didn't notice any mess. I must be honest and say David is still pretty much the baddie in this. I don't feel him being a "grey" character. I know some of the darkness from Covenant is taken away (a good thing), but you still assume David is behind everything and probably wants to use the colony to breed his xenomorphs. I was actually hoping the editor may have added some twists and turns with "Covenant" as I'm still expecting the "Covenant - Happy Ending" with David truly dead and the xenomorph still stranded on the planet. But maybe that's for another editor to make? And maybe Ridley Scott still has another chapter for David? God help us.

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