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Extended Edition June 06, 2007 7430
(Updated: July 19, 2012)
I did like this edit quite a bit. All the deleted scenes fit in pretty well for me and the quality of the video was stellar, better than the original DVD of Aliens. This is indeed a 5.1 audio edit and the sound quality is very nice.

Perhaps the only addition I did not like it the Alien lair scene. While I definitely agree that it should be before the activation of the destruct feature, it was placed in a very odd fashion and the transition to it is very jarring. The screen fades to black abruptly and then fades into the scene. During this part, I really felt the editor’s presence. I also didn’t think it necessary to use the original version since the quality is also lower, but to each his own…

As for the other scenes, they worked really well within the edit and this probably represents how a workprint would have looked. Like Blade Runner, the more scenes the merrier in my opinion. In any case, this was a relatively good effort, better than the original extended edition and the Alien Appendix version.

Video: 9/10
Audio: 10/10
Editing: 7/10
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