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Extended Edition June 06, 2007 7430
(Updated: July 19, 2012)
I just watched this along with Alien Appendix 2: The Virtual Workprint by Meedermow and am left wanting an edit that combines aspects of both
The editing is very good and the video quality is top notch. There isn’t that drastic a difference in the deleted/workprint scene’s video quality.
The only place where the video quality is jarringly different or distracting is during the raw Alien lair scene.

In fact, the only real negative to me is that very Alien lair scene.
“On paper,” it sounds like a good idea to have it occur prior to the self destruct sequence but even if the video quality and editing was seemless, I feel that the DC had it right. When it occurs during the countdown, I am thinking “what the hell is Ripley doing stopping there when the ship is about to explode? HURRY THE HELL UP!”.
It just adds alot more tension to the scene when you can hear the blarring countdown/alert in the background and basically racing against to clock.

I actually kept track of the time. In this version, the ship blows up only 7 minutes after she starts the self destruct sequence instead of 10. With the lair scene taken out of this sequence, 3 minutes disappear.
Maybe I am anal on that part but I’m just saying.

The 5.1 audio sounds really good. Alot better than Alien Appendix 2: The Virtual Workprint which is mp2 stereo and sounds kind of hollow in comparison to this.

This edit comes close to being my perfect extended version of Alien and highly recommend it to anybody that loves this movie.

Btw, my perfect extended version would have:
1 the DC lair version as already stated
2. From AA2 Virtual Workprint: When Kane is carried in through the doors after being let in by Ash as well as a shot of Kane still wearing the helmet with the facehugger still attached. He is lying down with his head to the camera and his feet pointing directly away from the camera. Such a great shot.
3. Again from AA2 Virtual Workpring: At the end of the chest burster scene, there is exta long footage of the crew after the little critter runs off. You see the crew just shocked, flabbergasted, speechless for about 10 seconds or more. Basically, it shows the crew having the same reaction as the audience – since the actors weren’t told what to expect – and it’s just awesome. They don’t know what to do and then finally, Dallas just mumbles a couple of orders.

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching this immensely and appreciate the high quality of this release.
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