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Shorts December 26, 2009 3760
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I must confess I have a fondness for AvP, and rewatch it frequently.
Early on, some odd business relocates AvP from the Pole to the pyramids.
It feels shoehorned in and is awkward.
Once our modern (future) team is inside “the pyramid,” the tempo charges ahead.
No idea who characters are, other than they act as quick meals for the xenomorth.
Despite sharp editing throughout, the story is a bit of a jumble sale.
Interesting ideas, but fairly incoherent. I wanted to like this.
Part of me wonders if this was a learning experience for the editor, as he certainly went on to craft on a higher level.

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Owner's reply June 09, 2020

Thanks for taking the time to watch this, Vultural. I 100% agree with your assessment. I recently went back and watched this and one of my other early edits, and it was very cringey. I still believe there was a solid idea here, but I would execute this very differently were I to approach it today. I honestly think your numerical scores are much more generous than I would rate myself today. On another note, I'm really happy to see you're still around and watching and reviewing edits. Stay well.

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