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Shorts December 26, 2009 3433
(Updated: September 25, 2012)
tv's frink - jan 8 2010

I was lukewarm on this one, but only because I’m not an AvP fan so it’s not my cup of tea. Certainly not Throw’s fault. I liked the atmosphere in this, and the 5.1 really helped sell the atmosphere. I thought the mixing of The Fifth Element with the Predator worked reasonably well, and it was very clear to me that the AvP scenes were supposed to be in the same location as the previous Fifth Element scene. I also noticed one flash frame (if that’s the right term) right near the end as the ship was leaving the planet – there was an extremely quick shot of the woman survivor, which was so fast I had to rewind to see if I had just imagined it. 6/10, although I have deducted a few points for my lack of interest in AvP. Otherwise I’d probably give it 8/10.
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