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Resurrection is a horrible film. Each time I've seen it I've gone in with a vague memory of it being bad, but thinking "it can't really be as bad as I remember it, can it?". Yup. It's a really bad film. From the opening scene with that horrible CGI insect, to that overblown and abysmally acted chest-burster scene, to the finale where we see the most disgusting thing you can think of (crossed with the second most disgusting thing you can think of, turned inside out) sucked through a space vacuum as its entrails float into the eternal void like vomit, this film is a true horror film. It's just nasty.

So, well done to TMBTM. He's taken a horrible, overblown mockery and transformed it into what it is now: a watchable, but distinctly average and unnecessary Alien sequel. Normally when I watch Alien Resurrection I want to rush to the bathroom and throw up, but this time I actually thought parts of it were okay. Most of the setup was decent and, bar some really stupid scenes (like Christie overreacting and attempting to bash Ripley's head in with a large metal object), I actually found myself being optimistic and thinking "hey, maybe he's made this half decent". Well... Not quite half decent... but, better.

Video/audio quality was as good as I'd expect a DVD to be.

Editing was top-notch all round. No noticeable cuts, and the various subtle effects throughout are well done. They don't feel out of place and they serve the edit. Started watching the featurette included on the DVD, but haven't finished it yet. Enjoyed what I saw!

Narrative is generally fine. Some characters were underdeveloped, but I can't remember what they were like in the original film. The new twist I wasn't so sure about, although it probably makes more sense than what the film did before. Rather than just randomly having this Alien/human hybrid get introduced right at the end of the film, TMBTM has made it so that Ripley IS the hybrid, and many of the added special effects serve to develop this plot element. I'm not sure if I like it, but it's done well. Personally, I think the Alien/human hybrid is the very worst thing about the film and I can't stand the sight of it. I'd much rather it just be completely cut out. Job Willins does this very well in his "Ripley" edit, which combines Alien 3 and Resurrection, but I don't know if this would work as well without the material from Alien 3.

Enjoyment is low because I hate this film. But this edit does make it much more watchable. The theatrical is 1/10. No redeeming elements. TMBTM has bumped it up to 4. Although I consider the actual film a 4, the enjoyment of the release as a whole is a 6, mostly due to it being an interesting and educational ride. The featurette also helps to bump this up.

It's still bad, but it's better than it was before. Would I watch it again? Not if you put a gun to my head. Would I recommend it? Yes… Sort of. If you haven't seen Resurrection and you feel the need to watch it as a fan, then this is the version you should watch. Stay the hell away from the theatrical.

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