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As with all TMBTM films the visual and audio editing are flawless. Unless you know what has been cut you'll never notice something is missing. Picture quality is what's to be expected from DVD quality.

As for the narrative and enjoyment I'm a little torn. I'm not a fan of the original by any means, and anything that helps strengthen the story is a win. But, as TM2YC pointed out, by cutting out the more ridiculous things only highlights how nonsensical it all is. There were also a few instances where the pacing felt just a tad rushed.

The big change was the ending. While I see what TMBTM was going for it just didn't work for me. Maybe it was fine for others, but I just couldn't buy what happened to Ripley. I don't want to spoil it for others so I'll leave it at that.

Is the edit worth your time? Definitely. While not perfect it is better than the original. I think that this is just one of those films that is impossible to fix in a satisfactory way due to the how the original film was put together.

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