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Well, there's not a whole ton to say here except it's better than the original. Not that I hated the original or anything but it did have a slew of problems, mostly stemming from weirdness, strange dialogue, and odd twisting camera shots. This edit removes most of that stuff, which is good. There's still some left, but I guess it'd be hard to fix all of it. At 90 minutes, it's pretty brisk, but I think a few more minutes of stuff could have gone. I agree about shortening the water scene, also I think trimming the scene were Frank strays away would have worked better.

I liked the fact that this cut let Ripley go...thought the end bits with Call yelling "ripley!" for no reason was strange, and that one part could have been cut. Aside from the very minor stuff that could still be cut, I'm good with this version of the film.

I like the dirtiness and grit of this movie, but just something about it - even in this edit - feels too lighthearted and not dark/serious enough for an Alien film. When all is said and done, this cut is better than the original. I gave the original a 7/10 and this an 8/10. Now if only I could get it in HD...

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Owner's reply June 23, 2014

Thanks for the review.
Beware Spoilers ahead.
About Call saying "Ripley" at the end: I added a little voice dub of her murmuring "Ripley" (when she looks in the eyes of the monster) to let the audience understand that she understands that it is Ripley . And so, a bit later, the shot when she yells "Ripley" works, because the knows. We need the character of Call to understand what's happening in front of her or else the scene would miss something. SO maybe the editing does not work for everyone here, but it's edited that way with a purpose.

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