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FanMix April 04, 2011 3037
I guess I’m one of the few that actually likes the original cut of Alien 4, the theatrical cut that is. IMO the director’s cut of Alien 4 or the DC/SE of either of the Alien movies are inferior to the theatrical cuts. TMBTM have used the director’s cut as the source for this fanedit but considered that this version is so different from any official version it becomes easy not to compare and instead just watch and enjoy. The color correction that has been done also helps the viewer separate this from the other versions.

Audio/Video was excellent and the added special effects are excellent and places TMBTM alongside with Adywan IMO. Speaking of special effects; everything that has been added has been so so that TMBTM can push the story in a different direction (or maybe I should say; give the story a different meaning) The end result is fascinating but not something I agree with and IMO makes less sense than before. But I did enjoy this cut and the presentation was excellent so I can’t give it anything but a 10out of 10. The dvd has a special feature were TMBTM shows what special effects he made and why, that made me appreciate the edit even more.
Owner's reply July 19, 2012

To be precise: like I said in the info above, I only used 4:30 minutes of the “director’s cut” (the 2003 version); and this version is really not to be called a “Director’s cut” anyway. Even Jean-Pierre Jeunet says on a little video that the 2003 version is a kind of alternate version with abandonned ideas (and some of the effects are not even 100% finished). So to him the theatrical cut IS the director’s cut.

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