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FanMix April 04, 2011 3492
(Updated: July 19, 2012)
TMBTM, I just want to say: wow!! You have some major balls doing what you did with the new ending for this edit, it came as a total surprise to me and the impact was quite high… my first reaction was blasphemy and then as the last minutes rolled by I saw the huge way it fits; and well, I believe that this will be my go to version of Alien 4.

The general clean up of crap was stellar as usual, and my only gripe was the second “unwarranted” death that johnnythewolf mentioned earlier – but I certainly have no beef with the first. Your explanation for it makes it clear that it is necessary so… no way around it.

Oh and a nice touch you slipped in with the access code from the Betty

10/10 = this is the shit people…
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