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(Updated: June 21, 2022)
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This review is gonna be harsh, but I'm not going to blame the editor for this. Okay, I'll blame him for the ending, as it somehow managed to accomplish the impossible task of being even more ludicrous than the original. But with that exception, I'm not gonna blame TMBTM. He did what he could to try and fix this film. It's still bad, but it's not "as" bad. It's mediocre.

The reconstruction of the first act is fantastic. I'm not sure how TMBTM did it, because it conveys most of the same information that the original cut did, and yet it made the characters more interesting. I guess it goes to show that timing is everything.

Unfortunately, the rest of the edit goes in a downward slope after that strong beginning. There are still plenty of scenes that make no sense, and I'm not sure if it's even possible to cut them out. The underwater sequence is the scene that bothers me the most. In that one sequence, we get two poorly done character deaths, Christie's ridiculous geometric shooting skills, and a nonsensical plot twist revolving around Call. And while I respect the fixing of one of those deaths, it still doesn't change the other three problems.

The fact is that this is an edit of Alien: Resurrection. It's still going to be flawed. If you choose to watch this, keep your mind wide open. It's still nothing when compared to the first two Alien movies, but if all you want is a less cringy version of A:R, then give it a watch. Just don't expect Citizen Kane. You're bound to be disappointed if you do.

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