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FanMix April 04, 2011 5950
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The Alien series is one of my favourite series of all time but unfortunately Resurrection was only ever an ok movie to me. I'm such a fan of the rest of them and I know just how good they can be so I had to check out your edit, you have finally given me a version of Alien 4 that I can enjoy and that is now a worthy addition to the Alien series. You cut out all the unnecessary scenes and dialogue which helps speed up the pace of the movie, also the color correction, toned-down music and the SFX work is excellent and wouldn't be noticeable to anyone that hasn't seen the original. I also found the change of direction at the finale to feel completely natural and again wouldn't be a noticeable edit to a first time viewer. So thank you Jerick for making Alien 4 into how it should have been and a worthy addition to the Alien series.
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