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By only looking at the other reviews have I only found out that Ripley was the Alien Hybrid creature, so unfortunately I don't think the narrative at the end was clear enough. But that was my own honest experience, as watching Call shouting for Ripley left me completely confused.

Otherwise the edit is brilliant as the cuts and audio are flawless and by watching it (apart from the end) you would think it was the proper cut of the film. I think removing some snippets of the film was a good idea such as removing the scene where Call originally opens the door from the other side as in the original film it feels a bit dull because we hardly sympathise with the character at all throughout...if anything, Call is a bit of a brat and gets in the way, so I'm glad you trimmed her down throughout. Another part I seem to remember being removed was when the general looked at a piece of his brain when he's been killed by the Alien, yeah, that definitely had to go. I think you may have shortened the swimming scenes, which helped with the suspense.

Personally I think you could have removed the Alien Hybrid altogether....yes, it would have been slightly anti-climatic, but it would have shortened and improved the film somewhat. I think we all hate that stupid Hybrid and for the Alien Queen to be so soft and go unguarded just didn't make sense for me in the original film. Perhaps that could be a future edit for someone to do?

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