Alien Appendix 3: The Alien Archive

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Alien Appendix 3: The Alien Archive
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Brief Synopsis:
Alien Appendix contains several DVDs including rare and special featurettes about Alien. No3 includes VHS and DVD from PAL and NTSC broadcasts, laserdisc and promotional DVDs.
This is the third release in the continuing "Alien Appendix" series, a collection dedicated to the archiving of supplementary material inspired by the Alien film quartet at the highest possible level of quality.
Additional Notes:
The Alien Appendix Team:

Ash595 - Cover Design and Gallic charm.
Jonno - Source and Inspiration.
klokwerk - Design and Inception.
meedermow - Authoring and Tea and Biscuits.
triffid - Knowledge and Motivation.
suntech - Source and Enthusiasm.
tb1971 - ALIEN WAR, yeah baby!
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Title : AA03 – The Alien Archive – Version 1.0 – February 2007
Type : DVD Movie
Video Format: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/720×576/16:9 and 4:3/PAL and NTSC releases
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0 (various bitrates)
Size : 4.35GB
DVD-Rom : NFO, Cover (by Ash595)


Sources : VHS and DVD from PAL and NTSC broadcasts, laserdisc, promotional DVDs
Transfers : TB1971, Rijir, Ash595, 8t88, Jambe Davdar, Jonno, meedermow
Authoring : Jonno
Creator Catalog: AA03
Release Group : Alien Appendix Team
Contents :

Giger’s Alien (1979)
Excerpt from Ridley Scott: Eye of the Storm (1992)
Masters of Terror with Vincent Price (1986)
Shock & Awe: The Return of Alien (2003)
Alien: the Director’s Cut Featurette (2003)
Yaphet Kotto interview (2003)
Widescreen Alien teaser trailer and theatrical trailer (1979)
Alien Widescreen VHS release trailer (1992)
Alien: the Director’s Cut trailer (2003)
Alien: the Director’s Cut TV spots (2003)


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