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Extended Edition July 31, 2006 5474
(Updated: July 19, 2012)
I just watched this along with ALIEN – Extended Edition by Samrosenbaum and am left wanting an edit that combines aspects of both
I’d say that this edit is for completists that love alien.
The video quality is not great and is kind of soft. It looks better on TV than on a computer monitor though.
I suppose the good thing about that is that there isn’t that big a difference in video quality when you get to the more raw footage.

There are quite a few hard cuts and the audio isn’t the best. This is more noticable if you were to compare to Alien Exteneded Edition which has much better audio. The audio here sounds hollow or “tinny” in comparison but it is still acceptable.
Also, during the self destruct sequence, there is alot less warnings regarding how much time is left so there is something missing there.

I loved watching the added scenes despite the quality. Two scenes that I don’t recall seeing are:
1. When Kane is carried in through the doors after being let in by Ash as well as a shot of Kane still wearing the helmet with the facehugger still attached. He is lying down with his head to the camera and his feet pointing directly away from the camera. Such a great shot.
2. At the end of the chest burster scene, there is exta long footage of the crew after the little critter runs off. You see the crew just shocked, flabbergasted, speechless for about 10 seconds or more. Basically, it shows the crew having the same reaction as the audience – since the actors weren’t told what to expect – and it’s just awesome. They don’t know what to do and then finally, Dallas just mumbles a couple of orders.

I also like the fact that the cocoon/alien lair scene is left where it should be – during the self destruct sequence – unlike the ALIEN – Extended Edition or Alien: The Hybrid Cut (which I haven not seen)
Others may prefer it to be moved so that it occurs before the self destruct, but it just doesn’t work for me because there is no race against the clock, no sirens going off, and therefore has alot less tension.

Bottom line:
Audo = 7
Video = 7
Editing quality = 8 (hard cuts and all)
Editing decisions = 10

I’m giving this an 8.
If the A/V was better, I’d give it a 9 or 10.

Of course, if you’re an Alien fan, this is a MUST SEE along with aforementined ALIEN – Extended Edition which is only approx. 6 minutes shorter than this when exluding the beginning title sequence and end credits.
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