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Alien 3. Shit.

A schizophrenic chapter in the Alien franchise, I had no idea what the hell to make of the movie when I watched this in the theater. Never before had a movie done so much during the opening credits to make me hate the movie before it even got going.

Outside of killing Hicks, Newt and Bishop, and the absolute lack of any explanation of how two face-huggers got into the Sulaco, let alone how one got into Ripply's Cryo-Tube, and how the other one survived outside a pod for however long the Sulaco was in transit, once you get past all of that, there is actually a decent story idea with mediocre execution and uneven results that I would rate as a 6 or 7 out of 10.

How does the Re-Essembly cut do? Well, there is no fixing the initial set-up problems, you simply have to acknowledge, accept and move on no matter what version of this movie you watch, and once you do, Xeno has crafted a highly enjoyable version of film from the various sources available thanks to the Quadrilogy release. The editing is great and the audio work is fantastic. There is one deleted scene which is visually integrated well, but the difference of quality in audio is noticeable, but no fault of the editor and I think the inclusion of the scene in its entirety adds a great deal to the film, so it is worth the slight change.

Ultimately I still only view the Alien Franchise as having 2 films, Alien and Aliens, but if you have to watch Alien 3, then this is a great way to do it and certainly a great improvement over the original.

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