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FanFix January 16, 2011 6740
(Updated: July 17, 2012)
Here’s where I differ form the previews reviews. I will break my comments into two categories:

1) the edit
2) the movie


I have tried to watch my dvd of this movie more than once and can never quite seem to get into it. I thoroughly enjoy “Alien” and “Aliens” but A3 and A4 just don’t do it for me. it was for this very reason I decided to watch this edit. A fresh take on it might be exactly what I needed.

I still just haven’t warmed up to this movie. For some unknwn (factor) reason, I just don’t really enjoy this movie. I like the edit version more than the original, though.


I agree with TMBTM, less dialogue is needed.
Video/Audio is perfect and as a result, I forgot that I was watching an edit after a while.

If you haven’t watch A3 in a while or want to see if you’d like A3, then this is a must-see edit.
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