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FanMix December 30, 2012 4388
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I watched this the other night. Superior editing as ever from L8wrtr

I'd watched Wake Up a good few years ago now, but what bugged me was the voice over attempting to make it a sort of pseudo-sequel, that didn't really work.

L8's version totally works. It was quite bizarre actually, following the plot along as it did with the original and we're suddenly drifting off into a completely different plotline and conclusion. I really enjoyed it - will be recommending my Anchorman friends/fans to watch this.

Totally seemless editing wise. The only thing I noticed was something in the picture - every now and again, I'd see a green band on the right hand side of the screen - very thin going from top to bottom???? It wasn't distracting and you don't really notice it.

Anyways, good work mate!
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