Alan Clarke's The Firm: Extended Hybrid Cut

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Brief Synopsis:
The main source is the 'Director's Cut' workprint blu-ray, with every possible extra shot/scene added from the 'Broadcast Version' blu-ray.
The more extreme, uncensored footage of the reconstructed "Director's Cut" workprint makes it the best version of Alan Clarke's 'The Firm' to watch, since the film is about violence. However, the originally released 'Broadcast Version' (screened on BBC, 26th February 1989) has nearly 5-minutes of excellent character scenes not in the DC, including an additional opening sequence. I want to watch all the material in one version.
Additional Notes:
FYI: The "Director's Cut" contains material of a noticeably lower visual quality, sourced from Clarke's personal workprint. While this stands out, the additional material I've integrated from the 'Broadcast Version' is of the exact same quality as the DC.
Other Sources:
- The Firm (1989) BFI blu-ray
Release Information:
Special Features
- 14400x1080p / 5GB / 25fps / 4:3 / Stereo
- 36 seconds of unused material plays after the credits
Editing Details:
When presented with a choice between DC and BV material, I mostly went with the DC and defaulted to the DC sound-mix as much as possible. However, sometimes it made more sense to stick with BV ordering of shots and using the DC shots would interrupt the flow of the narrative. In a few places I've extended DC shots with extra frames from the BV.
Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added & TM2YC titles.
00.00.44 - Added 1-minute, 13-second opening estate agent scene from BV.
00.01.56 - Stuck to the BV soundmix and ordering of shots in the football match.
00.04.41 - Added an extra 3-seconds of Bex walking off the pitch from the BV.
00.06.48 - Added the scene of Bex talking with his dad about the car from the BV. Removed two establishing shots totalling 8-seconds from the DC.
00.08.24 - Deleted alternate, less sexual, closeup of Bex and his wife kissing from the BV.
00.28.01 - Deleted alternate 4-second closeup of Trigg from the BV.
00.28.01 - Deleted alternate 3-second closeup of Trigg not saying "f*ck" from the BV.
00.32.06 - Deleted alternate 6-second, less violent, wide shot of Yusuf getting his cheek sliced from the BV.
00.32.19 - Added an extra 1-second of Oboe and his mate walking off from the BV.
00.32.25 - Added 7-second shot of Nunk examining the bloody gashes on his arm from the BV.
00.34.26 - Added an extra 4-seconds of Yusuf being wheeled through a hospital from the BV.
00.36.23 - Added an extra 4-seconds of Oboe writhing in agony from the BV.
00.37.14 - Added an extra 5-seconds of Bex putting his key in the door from the BV. Removed 9-seconds of Bex going through the door from the BV.
01.02.22 - Added 51-second scene of the police searching Bex's house from the BV.
01.05.40 - Added 3-second shot of Yeti in the pub from the BV.
01.07.06 - Added an extra 6-frames of Bex screaming "Yeti!" from the BV.
01.07.18 - Added 2-second shot of Yeti on the ground with blood on his face from the BV.
01.07.50 - Added 53-second scene of the police returning to Bex's house from the BV.
01.12.52 - Deleted scenes compilation added after credits.
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: April 26, 2022)
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All the extra scenes were a welcome addition and made the movie more enjoyable.
TM2YC is hardly at fault for the visual quality as the scenes from the personal workprint are low in quality from begin with. Audio wise no complaints.

Thanks for you hybrid cut

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