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(Updated: October 14, 2017)
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As anyone who knows me from the forums knows I am a big comic fan, and that includes their adaptation to Movies and TV. In my personal opinion, while it has had its missteps, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is my favorite adaptation of the comic characters to live action media.

I agree with DSM2337's assessment of Agents of SHIELD, and it is not limited to its first season; the show does provide interesting plot points and character development, but it stumbles and does a lot of navel gazing wasting precious screen time. I put partial blame for this on the selection of TV producing house - ABC studios has been known to over stretch plots on many of their TV offerings and they have yet to adapt to the current 13 episode or less per season format.

Anyway on to the review of this edit, a great job is achieved of boiling down the plot and story offered by the first arc of the premiere season of this show, we get all the required information in two hours without any of the filler; which is a great achievement in itself. High marks for enjoyment.

The editing is also very well done, if not perfect; some fades that have no apparent reason like for instance when Coulson and Skye fly away on the flying car Lola stand out, some black screen transitions that do not work to well are also peppered throughout the edit. Wish this could have been avoided. 9/10 on video editing.

Audio editing, quite well done; no noticeable breaks or cuts; which is suspect was achieved with the aid of the aforementioned black transitions. Sill full marks.

A/V quality, as with every review a 2.0 audio track gets a 7 from me, also I noticed some issues with the audio, dialogue was somewhat muted while music and sound effects were comparatively much louder, I had never experienced this in my entertainment system with similar audio tracks; don't know what caused this but another point is deducted from the score making it a 6 overall. Video is crisp at 1080p. - On a side note I wish reviews allowed to give separate scores for audio and video quality, in case any site admin/mod reads this.

Enjoyment and Narrative - the best that could be done from source material is achieved in my opinion, yet it still feels somewhat lacking. 9 on narrative for effort, 8 on enjoyment.

On a personal note, the song used for the end credits is too loud and in my opinion does not fit with the tone of the plot. One point deducted from Audio Editing for this.

This is quite an interesting project and I look forward to watching the next installments.
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