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It was great to revisit the first season of AoS in this new way. I was impressed by just how expertly DSM created a feature from the materials he had to work with -- it looks and sounds great, and the pieces are tightly interwoven to really flow like a feature film (or at the very least, a really good tv movie). Using the throughline of Mike Peterson's journey to carry Skye's introduction and Coulson's mystery was wise and works wonders to keep the story together. I particularly like the way the team members' introductions are handled in this version -- much more organically that the original pilot, IMO. Well done.

From a narrative stance, I do wish we'd had a montage or "___months later" (perhaps repurposing a climax from an episode not used here or in later planned fanedits?) to show the passage of time and growth of the team indicated by Skye's comments to her hacker buddy, and I'll agree with other commenters that Coulson's rejected phonecall feels abrupt. Part of me wishes that there'd been some way to work in at least one more "Tahiti... it's a magical place" somewhere, to tie in its use at the beginning with its use at the end, making it more clear that it's a Pavlovian response.

Those nitpicks aside, again, my compliments to DMS, and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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