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TV-to-Movie August 30, 2016 5254
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DSM2337's second installment of his TV to Movie effort of Agents of SHIELD delivers a quite entertaining; very lean experience that does aways with a lot of the superfluous footage that plagues the TV show.

The main plot is intact, nothing felt missing and while at times the jumps between scenes feel somewhat sudden this edit manages a very linear narrative.

Video quality is quite excellent, and the editing is also almost perfect; with just the caveat I mentioned above.

Audio sounds crisp and there are no sudden variations in volume, something that I found jarring on the first installment. Unfortunately the edit offers yet another 2.0 AAC encoded track, so my usual A/V quality points are deducted.

I have the next installment already on my to watch list and I hope it improves even more on what has been accomplished so far.
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