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One problem that usually makes me shy from radio drama is the very thing cut from this: recaps. And intros and outros. We in the twenty-first century like to consolidate entertainment experiences, meaning anyone listening to a radio drama these days is likely to listen to one episode after another.

The Scarlet Widow is intelligent, experienced, and crafty, all while being a believable villain. She bests Superman and it is earned.

We see Superman in an interesting position. For the first time he's frightened by the real prospect of death, but faces the threat bravely, proving his bravado transcends super-powers. Once again, believably so. All the while his civilian identity is in danger. He has to keep his behavior as Clark Kent in check constantly.

The music was a welcome addition. I wish there had been more Zimmer, because the MoS soundtrack would fit even better with the eerie/nostalgic atmosphere than Williams' score (as preposterous as that may sound).

This is a film of the mind. Listen and enjoy.

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