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Special Projects October 25, 2013 2486
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With this edit (better definition might be a mix), Siebener concludes his Superman audio trilogy on a peak. This installment focuses on narrative and action. Next to no jokes, juvenile humor, or dimwitted henchmen. Jimmy Olsen continues to have the intelligence of a goldfish, but he is minimized.

Audio - Very clean, clear presentation. The layering and cross-fading is outstanding, as are the musical enhancements. This modernizes the overall effect somewhat. Really well done.

Narrative - Siebener has done an excellent job. This is available as part of a multi disc CD box set, and I can declare the straight up episodes are tedious beyond belief. Siebener has honed an enjoyable, and coherent, B-film for the ears. Even if you missed the previous two installments (c’mon, they are an hour each), you will have no trouble picking up the plot and following along.

Enjoyment - As noted, I regard this as the finest edit Siebener has done to date. Fun, popcorn packed adventure as the Man Of Steel battles Atom Man, the diehard Nazi, bent on destroying Metropolis. The last seconds of the edit even leave the possibility of a further sequel open ... if barely a crack ... with the Caped Crusader. Creative and inventive work here, more ought to check this out.

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