Adventures of Joe Marshall: The Ultimate Edition

Adventures of Joe Marshall: The Ultimate Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
Just wanted to make this movie a little more fast paced and with a kick ass soundtrack.
I originally made this edit a while back, and after losing the edit, I decided to try and recreate it with this new edit.
Other Sources:
- Collection of Stan Bush songs
- Eddie Murphy's Party All the Time
- Steve Perry's Oh Sherry
- Added a very short scene from Sucker Punch with the Samurais
Special Thanks:
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Sony Vegas
- RipBot
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut entire intro credits - too long and boring music
- Added new totally late 80's credits with the great song Streets of Siam by Stan Bush.
- Added Stan Bush's song Dare to the chase scene at the beginning of the film.
- Shortened up sex scene, added a dose of Steve Perry's "Oh Sherry"
- Shortened up the scene where the yakuza boss wants someone dead
- Now the scene reflects the yakuza going after are awesome hero
- Cut out scene with yakuza beheading patient at hospital
- Added the song "Hail to the Chief" to our heros speech to the yakuza (the greatest speech ever)
- Cut out are beloved hero in a g-string with his new girlfriend on the beach
- Added Eddie Murphy's Party All The Time song to a sex scene with Robert Z'Dar (so creepy)
- Added Samurai head from the movie Sucker Punch during final showdown
- Added the song 'Touch" by Stan Bush for the final showdown
- Added new credits towards the end. And added the song "Never Surrender" by Stan Bush(of course)

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