Addams Family Chronicles

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A strange man named Gordon joins his mother and an accountant in a scheme to take the fortunes of the creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky family known as the Addamses. When it is discovered that Gordon has a faint resemblance of the patriarch's long lost brother, Uncle Fester, he impersonates him in a quest to steal the family fortune. But as he spends his time with the family, he begins to find that he shares more in common with this abnormal family than he expected.
The main reason was out of curiosity. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if the two movies were combined into one. The combination worked better when it was focused on Uncle Fester, so I decided to let Uncle Fester be the central focus for the edit.
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The Addams Family Soundtrack
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The basic strategy I used for this edit was to place all the focus on Uncle Fester. I removed a lot of things from the original films for this reason. Otherwise, I took advice from Aristotle's Poetics, Walter Murch's In the Blink of an Eye, and whatever other editing advice I could find. I also watched a lot of Cullen Kelly's YouTube videos in preparation for the color grade.
Cuts and Additions:

The Addams Family

-The William Tell scene
-The Uncle Knick-Knack scene
-The finger trap introduction
-The sales weather scene
-Trimmed out the last two shots of Gomez singing opera due to the next scene’s deletion
-Wednesday and Pugsley playing with the electric chair
-Slightly trimmed Gomez rowing the boat due to the previous scene’s deletion
-Wednesday turning on the electric chair
-The auction scene
-Morticia’s discussion with Wednesday’s schoolteacher
-Fester making things for the school play
-Gomez and Morticia’s discussion with Margaret and her son before the school play
/Moved Miss Craven’s “I never should have used him” scene to after the first scene of “Getting to Know You.”
/Kept the blood during the talent show scene red for added comedic effect
/Moved Gomez and Fester’s discussion on Fester “belonging here” to after Fester tucks Wednesday in to bed
-Gomez and Morticia’s “Someday we’ll be buried side by side in matching coffins” romantic discussion
-Cousin It’s arrival at the mansion (Including the rap song)
-Uncle Fester’s farewell to the Amour twins
-Margaret saying goodbye to Cousin It
-The “because we’re Addamses” speech
-The lemonade stand skit
-Morticia’s job interview
-Pugsley and Wednesday’s lemonade discussion with the girl scout
-Morticia’s Hansel and Gretel story
-Thing’s shameless FedEx product placement montage
-Gomez watching TV
-Gomez calling Sally Jessy Raphael
-Morticia trying to help Gomez to stop watching the TV
-Thing’s journey back to the motel
-Gomez and Thing driving up to the mansion
-Seven months later epilogue and end credits

Addams Family Values

-Pugsley, Wednesday, and Granny burying a live cat
/Moved scene of Uncle Fester’s reading of “Strange Men and the Women Who Avoid them right after Fester howls at the moon
-Thing’s rollerskating tricks
-Pugsley and Wednesday’s discussion on one of them having to die because of Pubert’s birth
-The “He has my father’s eyes” scene
-Pugsley and Wednesday dropping Pubert and the bowling ball
-The family’s talk about Pugsley and Wednesday’s treatment of Pubert
-The guillotine scene
-All the babysitters prior to Debbie
-Trimmed out Amanda’s parents, the camp counselor introductions, and shots of the kids conversing
-Wednesday and Amanda’s swimming lesson
-Trimmed out Gomez and Morticia’s dance
-Wednesday’s ghost story to Amanda and the kids
-Audio: A Wedding?
-Wednesday, Pugsley, and the camp’s discussions on Fester’s wedding, the group hug, and the sensing of friction
-Wednesday, Pugsley and Joel’s visit to the harmony hut
-Wednesday, Pugsley and Joel’s failed escape attempt from the camp
-The Wedding Cake scene
/Moved Wednesday and Joel’s romantic talk at the lake to after the wedding
-Gomez and Morticia wondering why Fester hasn’t responded in weeks
-The Thanksgiving play casting call
-Thanksgiving play rehearsal scene
-Wednesday, Pugsley, and Joel’s second visit to the harmony hut
-Wednesday’s smiling scene
-”Eat us” music number
-Wednesday’s attack on the Thanksgiving play
-The “Macho Man” scene
-Lurch playing “Happy Birthday to You”
-Wednesday scaring Joel to death

/Replaced all rap music during end credits with music from the film
/Music replacements during end credits: “A Party...For Me?” and “Finale”, all from the official Addams Family soundtrack composed by Marc Shaiman
/Customized end credits to include cast and crew from both films

Remainder of Addams Family: 77 minutes
Footage cut from Addams Family: 22 minutes

Remainder of Addams Family Values: 57 minutes
Footage cut from Addams Family Values: 37 minutes

Total running time: 142 minutes
Total footage removed: 59 minutes

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(Updated: October 24, 2023)
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This was a very odd edit for me.

I didn't like the two movies that this edit is derived from. I was hoping that I would become a true believer.

The editing appears to be seamless, but I must admit that I watched it to try to enjoy it and not nitpick it.

The green tint was a very interesting creative choice. I can't say that I enjoyed it 100% but it did give the edit a slightly unnerving vibe. If that was Eyepainter's goal, then they succeeded.

I could tell that a lot of noodling went into this edit. Because that's what Eyepainter does. They noodle over their edits for months thinking that they somehow may have missed that crucial piece.

I'm not sure what to think about the edit still. It is different. A Halloween must see? Yeah. Why not?

Highly recommend just for the "it's certainly unique" vibe.

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Owner's reply November 02, 2023

I do explain the color grading choice in more detail in my commentary track, but the cliffs notes version is this: The reason was to get the edit closer to a black and white 1960s vibe, similar to the TV show. The decision to go green for most of it was because, well, that's how I picture a lot of cheesy horror films of old. I think it comes from how Frankenstein's skin is often portrayed as green.

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Awesome Fanedit.!! But don't like the green color. should have bean the regular movie colors. other tn that the edit was cool.!!!! u should remove the green. hate me if u wish its ok.!!!!!!!!

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