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Extended Edition June 28, 2008 6408
(Updated: July 27, 2021)
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A fan-edit worth praise.

I just watched this extended version for the first time, the extra scenes were great and the editing was spot on.
I'd never seen any of the deleted scenes before and although some may complain they don't add much in terms of depth to the character/story, from a comedy standpoint most of it definitely stands up with the rest of the movies crazy but brilliant eccentric humour.

While watching I can't remember noticing any mistakes with the video/audio editing, it all transitioned beautifully but one slight set back it did have was the source quality of the deleted scenes weren't quite as good as the rest of the movie (but still very decent for deleted scenes and did not at all ruin any of Jim Carrey's performance).

Recommended Alterations:
- The only thing I would change about this cut is updating it to Blu ray along with HD deleted scenes, however finding them may be tricky.

- Also something you may want to do is include the behind the scenes extra's after the movie's end credits, its something I like doing with
my fan edits that gives extended movies that little bit of more content, some behind the scenes of movies are really funny/interesting too.

Verdict: Very Highly Recommended (9.5/10), a must watch for all fans of Jim Carrey's comedy.

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