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Virgil: "Keep your pantyhose on." A perfect example of a good line to remove from an edit. And there were many other beneficial cuts to this movie. The stated goal was to focus on the "first contact" aspect of the film and feeling of isolation, and remove the Cold War thread. This was accomplished for the most part. As stated by other editors, the actions of Coffey were a little strange, he seemed suddenly psychotic for apparently no reason. What distracted from the isolation feeling was the following: when they first were cut off from the ship/umbilicus, the discussion was how they would have only a particular amount of time before air would run out in Deep Core. This was really never mentioned again. Even when they were reviving the drowned Lindsey, no one bothered to acknowledge they would all likely be joining her in death soon if not somehow miraculously saved.

The editing was seamless to me. I had not seen the movie for quite some time and had no idea what the cuts were until reading about them afterwards. Based on the discussions here I will assume the quality of video was as good as it could be.

I enjoyed the movie! Quite a bit of action and suspense, in an unusual setting. I was glad not to be distracted with talk of Russians, it was all about their predicament (with the complication of a live nuke, but who hasn't had that experience?). Cheesy at times for sure, and a let down ending as with many in Hollywood, but I like how it was handled here. I may even end up watching it again with my wife, which is a pretty hefty compliment (watching it second time, not the fact it is with my wife!). Congrats!

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