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I really enjoy most Extended Movie Edits. Mostly I enjoy them because I like to decide for myself if the removal of the extra material was warranted or not.

AU Extended Edit while interesting really proves why some scenes must be removed. The long slow progression of this movie is only made looongggger and slllllooooowwwwer by the addition of the deleted scenes. While the slow build up and progression of the story line in the Theatrical release worked, it just barely worked. If the Theatrical Release was any longer or slower I don't believe most of the audience would have stood for for it and it wouldn't have been as popular as it was.

All the extended scenes where removed with cause and justly so. By viewing this edit you can understand why each extra scene was removed.

CBB did an excellent job in Editing the Deleted scenes back into the narrative of the film. This Fan Edit flowed nicely and the only flaw I noticed was the change in film color pallet in some of the deleted scenes.

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